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Cyclamen Mites – Cyclamen Plant’s Worst Pest

Cyclamen Mites, belonging to the Tarsonemidae family and known by their scientific name Phytonemus pallidus (Banks), are one of the most harmful pests causing damage to foliage, buds, and blooms of various greenhouse and ornamental plants.The Cyclamen mite causes the most damage to:CyclamenStrawberryGeraniumDahliaIvyJasmineAfrican violetsGloxiniaSnapdragonLarkspurChrysanthemumBegoniaFuchsiaPetuniaNew Guinea impatiensAlso called Phytonemus pallidus, and Polyphatarsonemus latus (broad mite), these tiny arthropods with brown-orange, translucent, elliptical bodies do not grow more than 0.
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