How To Make A Homemade Tick Repellent Recipe

Ticks are a pest that do not bother our plants but are something to concern yourself with while working with plants.

Ticks feed off the blood of mammals and carry with them a host of bacteria and disease such as Lyme disease which they can transfer.

Lots of products are available on the market but a simple homemade solution is an easy item to keep with you in the garden or to spray on before you go out.

Check out the 2 recipes… one for people and one for pets at:

Here’s another natural recipe for tick repellent. To create this concoction, you can either have a water based version or lotion based version.

The water based version, includes apple cider vinegar or vodka, water, and geranium bourbon essential oil.

The lotion version has natural lotion and 20-40 drops of geranium bourbon essential oil as well. Shake the recipe well in a bottle, and spray on to your skin.

This size recipe will last up to 2 months! Full details are here.

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