How To Ideas On Garden Pathways With Stepping Stones

How To Ideas On Garden Pathways With Stepping Stones

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Garden pathways with stepping stones range from very simple… poured concrete or pavers to much more.

A path made of natural stepping stones is a simple and inexpensive way to add charm to your garden landscape.

Stone paths offer a natural and practical route for foot traffic from driveway or sidewalk to your doorstep and the back or along the side of the house. Here are some great ideas of garden pathways with stepping stones that will best fit your décor.

Intersecting Garden Pathways With Stepping Stones

Use decorative stepping stones, spread all over your garden. They create a perfect and fun pattern that creates a place for leisurely strolls.

If you have a spacious garden, consider arranging a multitude of intersecting natural stone pathways that lead the visitors to the garden. This type of path is easy to maintain.

Stepping Stone Pathway Leading To Garden Interior

Concrete stepping stones pathways can be a great way to beckon the visitors to a hidden spot, such as a resting place in the garden interior.

Blend concrete stepping stones or decorative ones in a easily visible way yet they retain the earthy appeal. You can frame this garden pathway with lush greenery and blooming flowers.

Mixing Different Stone Sizes To Bring Out A Stunning Landscape Design

To make your landscape design attractive, try mixing gardening stones of different shapes and sizes. Flagstone is great for this. Once you get the best fit in design and color of your “miniature garden”, choosing the shape and size is simple.

Arranging stones of random sizes makes the pathways more inviting to the garden scenery.

How about taking broken china to make your own unique garden steps? All you need some concrete and a cake pan!

Short Distances From One Stepping Stone To The Other

It is important not to space out the garden steps too much as they may lose their decorative value. Space your stone at shorter distances so your garden paving can be easily visible. Also, if you have abundant blooms that cover most of the garden landscape, larger stones are a better choice as they will still stand out from the plantings; they won’t be overshadowed.

Cut Stones For A More Symmetrical Appeal

To make stepping stone pathways have a more balanced look, stones can be cut to the same shape and size. You can cut stones in rectangular or square shapes, or any shape that appeals to you and your landscape design. Retain the stone’s natural color, or paint them a color that neatly contrasts with the garden color to make the pathways more visible.

A pathway as the folks at Sublime Garden Design say

“can become one of the defining elements of your outdoor space. Your pathway can be so much more than simply a means of getting from one spot to another. It can offer an enriching and uplifting experience as you explore the corners of your garden.”

Pathways come down to personal style and what you want them to achieve. Sublime Garden Design takes you down their path of landscape design options to help you discover the many possibilities of a garden walkway and path. Check out their article with lots of images at Sublime Garden Designs

The Bottom Line

You can arrange the stepping stones in any order, shape and color to bring out the design you want the garden pathways to take. Be creative and spontaneous in your stepping stone arrangement.

Watch the video: Garden Renovation - Indian Stone Slabs with White Spar Stones Pathway (July 2022).


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