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Tibouchina Tree: How To Grow and Care For The Purple Glory Tree

The Tibouchina tree or botanically Tibouchina Urvilleana goes by many names. This lush tropical blooming bush may look or sound familiar because of its common names:Velvet-Leaf TibouchinaPurple Glory TreesPrincess Flower TreeSpider FlowerBrazilian Glory BushLasiandraTibouchina urvilleana, I remember when I first encountered the purple glory Princess flower.
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Hydrangea Arborescens: Growing and Care Of Smooth Hydrangeas

Hydrangea arborescens (hy-DRAIN-juh ar-bo-RES-senz ) smooth hydrangeas are deciduous native plants to the eastern United States and a member of the hydrangea family Hydrangeaceae (hy-drain-jee-AY-see-ee).Wild hydrangeas’ natural environment is along stream banks, in ravines, and moist, rocky wooded slopes.
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21 Clever “Other” Uses For Tomato Cages

Most people who grow tomatoes use some type of tomato cages. But not all tomato cages are created equal and they “Are Not Just For Tomatoes.”Once the tomato growing season is over, your tomato cages have other uses. They can be used to:Rope Light TreeMake a Halloween GhostMake mini composters and leaf collectorsProtect late vegetable cropsCheck out this fun collection of “other” uses for the common, ordinary tomato cage at: Other Tomato Cages UsesJOIN Our FREE Plant Care NewsletterBy entering your email address you agree to receive a daily email newsletter from Plant Care Today.
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Rain Harvesting

Easy DIY Rainwater Harvesting System – Collect Rainwater & Put it Directly Into Your Garden

Have you ever wanted to create an easy way to collect rainwater with a rain barrel and use it to water your garden?If so, there is a simple solution to harvest rainwater and it’s shown in this easy to follow Do It Yourself video on how to create a multi-barrel system.This system will divert rain from your rooftop into a rain barrel and then transfer it directly to your garden or lawn.
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How To Care For The Forget Me Not Flower

The Forget Me Not flower, by any other name would not be so sweet to gardeners, nor would the other numerous little blue forget me not flowers affectionately given the same name by their admirers.But are forget-me-not plant perennials?It does seem strange that through the years, both here and abroad, so many annuals and perennials have been called forget-me-nots indiscriminately.
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Hardy Annuals: Colorful Flowers For The Garden All Summer

Hardy annuals provide a colorful garden with annual flowers, quickly and cheaply through the wise use of flower seeds.By planting these inexpensive seeds properly and tending to them carefully, you will be rewarded with beautiful early blooms lasting in most cases, all Summer.The most popular hardy annuals mentioned are only a few of the 100’s of varieties running the gamut of colors, sizes, and shapes.
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