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How To Make Broken China Into Gorgeous Garden Stepping Stones

Every garden should have something that makes it unique. It could be the use of garden art and stepping stones are one easy way to personalize your garden.Accidental ProjectThis project happened by accident – literally. At Over The Big Moon, Lisa shares how she took her grandma’s broken china and turn it into attractive stepping stones.
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Harlequin Bug Control: How To Get Rid Of Murgantia Histrionica

The Harlequin bug is a remarkably flashy and regrettably good-looking ‘bad garden bug‘ insect that can do a great deal of harm to their favorite host plants your cruciferous veggies.This little stink bug is a true bug in that it has piercing, sucking mouthparts.Its official name is Murgantia histrionica (Hahn) but it is commonly known as:Harlequin cabbage bugHarlequin bugCalico bugFirebugIt should not be confused with the Harlequin beetle, which is a different creature altogether.
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How To Care For Mirror Plants

Found in the coastal regions of New Zealand, Coprosma repens kop-ROS-muh, REE-penz is an attractive evergreen shrub with white and green leaves.It’s part of the Rubiaceae family of plants and offers dense foliage.Coprosma Repens has earned several common names:Mirror plantLooking-glass bushNew Zealand laurelShiny leafThe name of the genus comes from the Greek words for dung and smell, referring to the foul odor produced when crushing the leaves.
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How To Care For Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine

Ornamental sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) makes an excellent addition to any garden. They do well in traditional flowerbeds, in landscaping and are wonderful container plants.They can also be kept as house plants. In this article, we will share some smart tips and information to help you grow these lively, colorful plants successfully in any setting.
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What Is The Best Flat Garden Hose For Your Home?

Are you tired of using poorly-made garden hoses that can make watering your plants or cleaning your car is an uphill struggle?Your standard garden hose always kinks, the hose winder breaks, the length isn’t long enough to reach your beloved plants or vegetable garden, or the hose hanger simply falls off the wall.
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